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Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Service

MERGUI SHIPPING COMPANY LIMITED, Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Service is confident in our capability and service in providing a wide range of qualified manpower needs to various types of vessels world-wide. We treasure the business of each and everyone of our clients and thus dedicate our effort to ensure that our input and support is an integral part of the operational success of our clients.

We are also convinced that the reputation of the company as an institution is a key and critical element in the shipping industry. Thus we try our very best to firmly established a long term relationship with all our clients as well as our Myanmar applicants aspiring to get into the company through trust, confidence and highest quality of services.

Download CV


  1. Company CV Form ( Not Accept Hand Writing)
  2. A Valid Passport
  3. A Valid SIRB
  4. A Valid DMA Approved Certificate & Document etc;
  5. Remarks (Copy By Color)

  6. Submit To (mergui.shipping@gamil.com)

Our Services

  • Provide full set of manning and crew management services for all types of ships
  • Supply highly qualified Myanmar deck officers , marine engineers and rating for all types of ships
  • Manage a large pool of cadets

Our Commitment

Mergui Shipping Company is committed to strive to fully understand our clients expectations clearly and precisely as well as to relentlessly pursue our goal which is to provide nothing less than our clients expectations.